Business Communication

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As the term suggests, business communication includes all communication that occurs in a business context. A knowledge of business communication presupposes an understanding of both businessand communication. That's a lot of territory. Although courses in business communication have their roots in the “business English” and “business correspondence” courses common in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, business communication has evolved over the years into a broad discipline providing an overview of all communication that occurs in organizational settings. Foundations

Business communication draws on information derived from a wide variety of other disciplines, including linguistics (the study of language), semantics (the branch of linguistics most concerned with meaning), rhetoric (the art of using words in speech or writing effectively), psychology (the study of mental processes and behavior), sociology (the study of social relations and societal change),graphic design (the use of visual images and typography to create special effects), management (the study of controlling and directing operations and personnel), marketing (the study of moving goods and services from producer to consumer, including everything from advertising, to packaging, to sales), economics (the study of the production, distribution, and consumption of wealth), andinformation technology (the study of the ways in which technology can be used to create, locate, store, retrieve, and transmit information). Related Disciplines

For this reason, different authors typically select specific aspects of communication in business on which to focus. The following related areas of study have evolved over time:  * Managerial Communication:  The term, managerial communication, usually refers to an emphasis on communication strategies for setting and achieving specific organizational objectives. * Organizational Communication:  Organizational communication usually refers to established communication networks and the communication flow within organizations and an organization’s communication climate. * Human Relations and Team Building:  Over the past 30 years or so, business and industry have increasingly recognized the importance of good interpersonal communication between and among those who work together. Such skills are also important to the success of customer relations programs and strategic alliances. By whatever name, courses on these topics typically cover the fundamentals of understanding other people, differences in perception, differences in motivation and other common behavioral strategies, establishing rapport, developing mutual respect, and reaching consensus. * Sales Communication:  Sales communication includes all communication specifically designed to produce sales, from media-based advertising, to telephone solicitation, to direct-mail advertising and direct (face-to-face) sales. * Report Writing:  As the term suggests, report writing focuses on written reports, typically including everything from short, informational memos to letter reports (basically long letters that include headings and other report-writing techniques), to complete analytical reports. Books on this subject often include the fundamentals of primary and secondary research, techniques for data analysis, and analytical and presentation graphics. * Communication Technology and Electronic Communication:  Whether word processing, page layout and graphic design, electronic mail (email), electronic conferencing, Internet-based services, audio or video conferencing, or multimedia presentations, the technology we use to communicate—information technology—has changed radically over the past few years. These changes, especially since the advent of the computer, have altered the way we think about communication, and we have yet to see the end of these changes. The ways in which information (computer) technologies and other communication technologies, such as...
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