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Business Driven MIS

module 1

M OST COMPANIES TODAY rely heavily on the use of management information sys-

tems (MIS) to run various aspects of their businesses. Whether they need to order and ship goods, interact with customers, or conduct other business functions, management information systems are often the underlying infrastructure performing the activities. Management informa-



tion systems allow companies to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced world and especially when conducting business on the Internet. Organizations must adapt to technological advances and innovations to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing environment. Their competitors cer-


tainly will!
No matter how exciting technology is, successful companies do not use it simply for its own sake. Companies should have a solid business reason for implementing technology. Using a technological solution just because it is available is not a good business strategy.

Business Driven MIS

The purpose of Module 1 is to raise your awareness of the vast opportunities made possible by the tight correlation between business and technology. Business strategies and processes should always drive your technology choices. Although awareness of an emerging technology can sometimes lead us in new strategic directions, the role of information systems, for the most part, is to support existing business strategies and processes.

Technical Foundations
of MIS
Enterprise MIS

Module 1:

Business Driven MIS

CHAPTER 1: Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS CHAPTER 2: Decisions and Processes: Value Driven Business
CHAPTER 3: Ebusiness: Electronic Business Value
CHAPTER 4: Ethics and Information Security: MIS Business Concerns


Information Systems in Orgs


Management Information
Systems: Business Driven MIS



Busin ess Driven MIS

Business Strategy

Competing in the Information

Identifying Competitive

The Challenge: Departmental

The Solution: Management
Information Systems

The Five Forces Model—
Evaluating Industry

The Three Generic Strategies—
Choosing a Business Focus

Va l u e C h a i n A n a l y s i s —
Executing Business Strategies

What’s in IT for me?
This chapter sets the stage for the textbook. It starts from ground zero by providing a clear description of what information is and how it fits into business operations, strategies, and systems. It provides an overview of how companies operate in competitive environments and why they must continually define and redefine their business strategies to create competitive advantages. Doing so allows them to survive and thrive. Information systems are key business enablers for successful operations in competitive environments.

You, as a business student, must understand the tight correlation between business and technology. You must first recognize information’s role in daily business activities, and then understand how information supports and helps implement global business strategies and competitive advantages. After reading this chapter, you should have a solid understanding of business driven information systems and their role in managerial decision making and problem solving.

Business Driven Information Systems, Fourth Edition


opening case study

The World Is Flat: Thomas Friedman
Christopher Columbus proved in 1492 that the world is round. For centuries, sailors maneuvered the seas discovering new lands, new people, and new languages as nations began trading goods around the globe. Then Thomas Friedman, a noted columnist for The New York Times, published his book The World Is Flat.

Friedman argues that the world has become flat due to technological advances connecting people in China, India, and the United States as if we were all...
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