Can Music Contribute to Anything Worth?

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Can music contribute to anything worth?

Famous music composer, Ludwig van Beethoven once rightly quoted “Music is a higher revelation than philosophy”. Indeed, music has higher magnitude than just being a mere form of entertainment- it plays a significant role in our society be it politics or religion or even academics. So important is music’s value that it has been recorded throughout history of mankind in numerous ancient writings including the sacred Hindu scripture, Veda. Thus it is no surprise that even today the value and contribution of music has not declined but on the contrary, risen. Soul, blues, country, metallic, rap, jazz , pop or gospels you name it; you will always find a music that will make you sing, dance, tap, weep, smile or simply nod and keep you entertained. Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Western music is considered the most entertaining and popular music but at the same time styles such as tango from Argentina and rumba from Cuba are successfully grabbing ears. Though the most popular songs often deal with the theme “love” other themes such as pain, happiness, loss, fear are also equally popular. However, not only listening but also creating music is entertaining like learning musical instruments, composing or singing. Though loud music may have negative effect on our body, music as a whole has therapeutic value that not only helps to reduce stress and relax but also treat mental diseases like schizophrenia and melancholia. It is true that music has harmful effects if it is too loud or if listened for a long time. Like the music used in the popular videogame Mario is an example of addictive music that may harm the human body if listened for too long. But the advantage of music to the body is far greater than the disadvantage. Researches have shown that music with a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves bringing sharper concentration and more alert thinking, while a slower tempo...
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