Communication In Organizations

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Communication in Organizations (Group 6)
In 1998, NASA launched the Mars Climate Orbiter to study Martian climate and atmosphere composition. The spacecraft lost contact with the headquarters too soon after it launched, and the technicians tried to frantically assess the problem. Little did they know that their software and the spacecraft’s software which was assembled by another group were using two completely different calculating systems, which ultimately caused the crash of the craft costing them millions of dollars.

Seeing from this case and many others like it, one can argue that communication is one of, if not the most, important component in the management of an organization. The word “organize” itself implies the existence of communication between multiple parties to reach a common goal. Without communication, it would just a bunch of random people doing tasks haphazardly without any coordination or feedback.

There are several methods and objectives in communication. Communication can be internal and exclusive to organization staff or it can be external in the form of public relations (outward) or receiving information about the environment that may affect the organization (inward). Internal communications is divided into three main components: what managers want to say; what employees want to hear; and the problems being met in conveying or receiving information.

What managers want to say
For managers to achieve their duties and goals, they must effectively communicate with their subordinates about specific manners in which tasks are to be carried out, deadlines, and generally everything that affects employees. The goal of managerial communication is to get employees’ acceptance and understanding of company values and plans, obtaining their commitment, and to garner support and enthusiasm from employees by means of involvement and rewards. Thus, the formula for successful managerial communication is the consideration of both what needs...
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