Football is Life

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Football is Life

A sport where you are able to hit, tackle, push, and take down for fun would be football. The thrill of hitting someone without having to hold back is exciting to me. Football also creates a brotherhood that will always be with you, because you are with your teammates a lot. This sport teaches you teamwork on and off the field, because you have to be able to work together to win. The thrill of hitting people, the brotherhood, and learning teamwork is why I enjoy football the most.

Contact sports such as football are challenging because if you do not follow the proper technique of hitting someone then you will suffer consequences. You have to learn how to control your anger, because you are going to get hit no matter what position you play. If you let your anger out the right way on a good hit then it could be a game changer. Coming out into the game and making the first big hit could put fear in the opposing team, because they know every time they come in contact with you then you may deliver a big hit. It is possible to hurt a player on the opposing team or your own team too, so it is critical you how to properly hit someone, because no matter how badly you want to win it is not okay to hurt another player on purpose. Football is a dangerous sport, but it can be fun if everyone knows how to play fairly for fun. You practice hitting with your teammates all week before a game so you build a relationship with them as you learn.

Becoming a part of a football team will lead to you making new friends that you will become close with. On and off the field you and your teammates will have each other back, because you don’t want either one of you guys to get hurt. You will build a closer relationship by being close in school, because everyone on the team goes to class and right to practice together. As the season goes on you will begin to look at your new friends as brothers because you will get to know each other very well after going through so...
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