Illegal Downloading Contents

Topics: File sharing, Music download, BitTorrent Pages: 4 (1488 words) Published: January 7, 2014

Illegal Downloading Contents & Entertainment Industry
Jae Seong Park
English of Canada

Do you know that how many important a music or movie is? As time goes by, nowadays people live in a hectic world and even today’s society advocates and requires this phenomenon. Most people who have a job usually work in weekdays and take a rest on weekends. Even some people work seven days a week. As developing modern industry, amount of people’s leisure time is decreasing more and more. Thus, when people enjoy their leisure time, they want to spend leisure time with good quality of contents like movie, music and TV show, because the time is short to enjoy. Therefore, some people enjoy the leisure time watching movie and listening movie in their house by using digital contents like DVD. However, some of these spend the time with illegal contents which are from illegal download websites. Furthermore, there are a lot of illegal websites in online naturally and even collecting list of illegal website (Gil, 2014). Downloading music and movie illegally is really simple and easy if people who want to download without paying know the illegal website like “Torrent”. Go to website, find music or movie and download without pay. Through downloading illegally, many contents producers get a monetary loss. Of course, entertainment industry can get advantage through download without paying, because illegal downloading causes publicity effect even if the actions are illegal. As this mention, artists and producers are the largest victims, nevertheless people who download contents illegally do not consider the producers and people who provide contents to anyone illegally are the most important cause in this problem. People who make entertaining content were already victim unavoidably, because of the growth modern technology and changing modern distribution structure. Form of record has been developing from phonograph to today’s digital recording technology. (Morton, n.d,) In...
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