Why people own pets? What do pets contribute to people's life?

Topics: Pet, Dog, Real estate Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: July 16, 2003
Why people own pets? What do pets contribute to people's life?

There are many reasons that why people own pets. Some people think that pets like dogs are the most percipient and dependable animals because pets comprehend their owners easily. Others think that pets give them entertainment and company. People who own pets spend most of time to look after their pets; for instance, pet owners have responsible for their pet's food, bath, and illness. Pets are the best friends for those people who live alone or feel lonely. These people share their ideas, secrets, and common affairs with their pets and sometimes people murmur to them; therefore, people have great predilection towards their pets. Although pets need care, attention and responsibility, people like to own pets for different reasons. The most common reasons for people to own pets are to avoid solitary, to protect themselves from others, and to entertain themselves.

First, people, who live lonely and have no one to talk and share their views, own pets to elude from desolateness. These people go out for a walk with their pets and play with them in parks. Whenever these people feel sad and stressful, they start talking with their pets and tell them all the problems that depressed them. Pets like dogs and cats are the most intelligent animals that comprehend the instruction of their owners and proceed on that; for example, when a pet hear its name from his owner, it run immediately towards his owner and starts licking over his owner . Moreover, when an owner asks his pet to sit down or grab something, the pet follows the direction of his owner. Therefore, pets are the best friends for those people who feel solitariness and dullness in their lives, and these pets live with their owners as the one of their family.

Secondly, people own pets to protect themselves and their houses. Mostly, People always take pets like dogs with them when they go out at night and early in the morning because they feel secure...
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